Single Use Tilt Top Circular Stapler


• The Endosurgical Circular Stapler with Dual Safety & Tilt Top Anvil places a circular staggered, double row of titanium staples in the tissue and resects excess tissue to create a circular anastomosis.
• It is available in 10 size options. 2 staple sizes are available to provide optimal tissue thickness matching.
• The ergonomic design and textured firing handle facilitate user comfort and control. Staple formation creates a perfect ‘B’ shape staple when the red line is positioned centrally within the green firing indicator window.
• The Single Use Circular Stapler with Tilt Top Anvil is dedicated to the digestive tract reconstructive surgery for end-to-end, end-to-side, side-to-side anastomosis.
• The Single Use Circular Stapler places a circular, double staggered row of titanium staples when it is activated.
• 2 rows of staples secure anastomosis and creates hemostasis.
• 5.8mm low profile anvil and refined anvil for easy and smooth placement.
• Integrated anvil provides stronger stabilization to ensure better stapler formation.
• Bar lock cartridge attachment provides better connection and smooth placement.
• 49cm extra-long instrument shaft that is versatile and universal